Electric Car
Market Update

Here is an application update on the use of EBG Resistors in the growing electric vehicle marketplace.


Designers have been very concerned about the vibration performance of wire wound resistors since they are easily damaged and vibration testing is difficult to pass.



EBG Resistors are used in electric vehicles because they have many advantages over these wire bound resistors: small volume, a wide resistance range and very high reliability. They are used as pre-charge and discharge resistors in PDU and controllers

Pre-charge resistors

The first application is for AC power using the HXP200 series (3 per car) and was then followed by a second application in the DC power battery pack, the UXP series, in the PDU of electric buses and hybrid cars. Additionally, the ESP series are used as pre-charge resistors.

Discharge resistors

The auto controller requires discharge resistors in both passive and active discharging. The passive discharge resistor will work as power loading with a heatsink. EBG Resistors supplies the HXP200 and HPS150 for this discharge.
The active discharge uses the UXP series resistors. The designs drop the voltage to 12 volts, and then can use the LXP100, MXP35 or MHP35 can be used as the passive discharge resistors.

EBG Products

These are just a few examples of a wide range of applications for which EBG Resistors may assist you with your special electric vehicle requirements. Click here for more information on products from EBG that may help with your design challenges.