EBG Resistors

EBG Resistors is a leading international manufacturer of non-inductive thick film resistors for high performance electronics.

These technologically demanding components contribute to the safe and efficient conversion and transmission of energy. Whether high power, high voltage, or custom designed resistors – our solution team accompanies you through the entire product development process.


Together we can develop the optimal resistor solution for your requirement

Our products are available in various power and voltage ranges, sizes, tight tolerances and ohmic values. With our technical expertise and years of experience EBG is able to react quickly and flexibly to suggest a solution to meet your changing needs.


Product overview of EBG Resistors

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EBG offers a wide range of different high-power resistors.
(only for the United States)

eMobility applications

For eMobility applications, we have developed innovative products for safe power supply. EBG high-power resistors for the eMobility industry are used as pre-charging resistors in battery distributors to pre-charge the DC link.
Special thick film resistors for fast and safe discharge of the DC link on DC-AC inverters in the powertrain are part of our core competence.

Read our blog article now on thick film resistors and how they are used in eMobility.

EBG PREcharge Resistors

Robust precharge resistors – for the precharging of high-energy DC link capacitors in electric vehicles.

Advantages of precharge resistors:

  • Excellent isolation performance
  • Standard Fast-On connection
  • High overload capability
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • Recyclable


EBG DIScharge Resistors

High-efficiency bleeding resistors – for the discharging of high-energy DC link capacitors in electric vehicles.

Advantages of discharge resistors:

  • High robustness
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Non-inductive design
  • Extensive possibilities for connection to heat sinks
  • Vibration and pulse resistant
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • Customized electrical connection


EBG - The Company

As a leading international manufacturer of high power and high voltage resistors we, EBG Resistors, ensures that energy is converted and transmitted safely and efficiently. With strong innovative power, our development teams are always working towards smaller and more powerful resistors to keep up with the ever-changing demands.

True to the motto: Technologies for a Cleaner Planet

In addition to the Austrian site, located in Kirchbach in der Steiermark, EBG employs over 500 people worldwide and has been part of Miba Power Electronics Group since 2010 – a worldwide operating company with over 31 sites and 7.000 employees


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We will be happy to assist you right from the start.

Please contact our EBG sales team.

That makes EBG successful

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high-precision non-inductive thick film resistor for high voltage and high power needs.

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Resistors in various housing designs, sizes, ohmic values, power / voltage ranges and tight tolerances.

We are constantly working to make our products lighter, smaller and more powerful. We are happy to incorporate our development expertise and product knowledge into our customers’ application.

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Customized resistors - exactly tailored to your needs!

As part of a joined development process, we can respond to the wishes of our customers in detail and adapt applications flexibly based on customer-specific requirements.

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All resistors are extensively tested in our state of the art in-house laboratory.
In this way, we ensure that our customers receive a high-quality product for their applications.

Continuous Improvement Process is the base for our high product quality. Every single production process is proven over the long history in manufacturing. Quality gates after every process step are mandatory to keep the high quality.

We offer automotive-compliant manufacturing, automated according to
IATF 16949 certification, in both large and small series.

Besides some of our series are UL certified and AEC-Q200 qualified
(ask for details).

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Collaboration and extensive know-how through our large network of development partners

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Global availability due to our sales locations on three countries and worldwide network of distribution partners

Get to know us

We will be happy to assist you right from the start.

Please contact our EBG sales team.

Industries, we are operating

Companies can benefit from us as a reliable partner who can react effectively to ever changing needs through our combined experience.

Our resistors are used in many areas of power electronics, for electric drives, frequency converters, inverters, power supplies, charging, discharging and many others throughout a multitude of industries such as high-speed rail, electric vehicles, aerospace, medical, energy transmission and distribution, electrification and most industrial machines and controls.

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Starting from Kirchbach in Styria, EBG has expanded to China and the USA since its foundation in 1977. As a specialist in power electronics components, EBG has also been part of the Miba Group since 2010.


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EBG's customers are globally successful OEMs from various industries in the field of power electronics.

We are proud to have such a strong network and success in developing resistor solutions for almost all applications.

We offer our customers in-depth know-how embedded in a comprehensive network of development partners.


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Global presence

EBG’s advancements with metal oxide thick film technology makes us the market leader for highly reliable performance resistors. With production and sales locations on three continents and a worldwide network of distribution partners, we are there for you wherever you are.


Documents, Certificates and Product Data Sheets

Find relevant information like certificates, delivery conditions, product catalog or individual product data sheets in our download area.



Learn about the innovations at EBG

As a specialist in the field of power electronics, EBG has made it its business to save installation space while achieving higher performance. With our development teams, we are constantly working on individual innovations for our customers. In this way, we respond to the constant changes in the markets, which are driven by ever-increasing environmental and performance requirements.


Discover the career opportunities at EBG.

Personal drive - common goal: We at EBG Resistors develop products together with our customers using innovations and technologies for the future. This is how we get the world moving in a more sustainable way. In a workplace where freedom is a matter of course and performance is valued. We constantly offer a wide variety of apprenticeships, exciting jobs and diverse work areas. 

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