Custom High-Power and High-Voltage Resistors

Custom high-power and high-voltage resistors are components designed in close collaboration with our customers to meet their specific technical requirements.


In our state-of-the-art in-house test laboratory, we verify the functionality of our resistors throughout the development process. This ensures that our customers receive a high-quality resistor suitable for their application.

Innovative solutions featuring expertise needed

Are you facing the challenge of finding a customized resistor solution for your specific project?

Developing customized products involves consideration of budget and time, especially in demanding environments such as offshore projects. In such cases, the reliability and performance of the customized high-power and high-voltage resistors become crucial.


We understand finding a reliable partner can be complex and time-consuming because they must:

  • meet your technical requirements
  • understand your specific needs
  • demonstrate innovation and
  • work at the highest level in term of quality


If you are looking for a partner who can fulfill all of these criteria, at EBG we provide you the expertise and innovative resistor solutions for your application.  

Would you like to find out more about customized high-power & high-voltage resistors?

Sabine Kamper-Rottensteiner - Solution Team Industrie

We are happy to advise you personally!

Custom-designed high-power and high-voltage resistors for your application

At EBG we guide you through the whole process of designing and producing customized resistors, offering

  • outstanding technical expertise
  • efficient, transparent and proven development process
  • comprehensive support

With our in-house test laboratory, we can conduct empirical experiments. This ensures you receive the highest possible quality of resistors that contribute to the success of your product and project.

This will provide you resistors that optimally contribute to the success of your product and your project.

Your benefits with our custom high-power and high-voltage resistors by EBG

blue icon individual resistor
We always have a resistor solution

At EBG you can rely on our resistor solution meeting your specifications 100%. For example, we have solutions for special needs such as potting with various coating options or different connection options.


With our >45 years of experience we offer the expertise you need!

Blue Icon Quality standards
We uphold our quality promise

Our resistors withstand high temperatures, are stable and we offer a wide range of ohmic values and tight tolerances. Additionally, they exhibit low and controlled temperature and voltage coefficients.

Icon robust design
Our resistors are non-inductive

The non-inductive design of our resistor series prevents the generation of excessively high pulses during a power outage or power surges, which could potentially damage the semiconductor. Both of these characteristics are specifically suitable for high-frequency applications.


Icon powerfull air cooler
We offer integrated resistance and cooling solutions

EBG and DAU are part of the Miba Group. That is why we can also provide you with integrated resistance and cooling solutions.


Success story: development of innovative resistors for Siemens

For over a decade, Siemens has been employing voltage source converters (VSCs) in a multilevel topology. To meet their requirements, EBG has been supplying Siemens with custom-made high-power and high-voltage resistors.

Both companies continue to collaboratively work on the development of innovative resistors, representing a particularly inventive solution.

“EBG and Siemens share a passion of problem-solving and the courage to explore new technological paths.”

Ingo Euler, Division Energy Management, Siemens

Other customized EBG resistors

Our product range extends beyond custom high-power and high-voltage resistors.

We offer the opportunity to customize our products according to the individual requirements of our customers.

This also includes:

  • Carbon Disc
  • Water-cooled variants
  • Metal film
  • Pre-charging resistors
  • and much more


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